This report summarises the process and outputs developed in response to the Building Confidence Report.


This macro-economic analysis was commissioned by the ABCB to inform the development of responses to the Building Confidence Report.


This report estimates the potential construction costs for an accessible adult change facility in an existing modified BCA facility or a separated facility as specified below:


This Public Report provides a progress update on delivery of the Building Confidence Report (BCR) National Framework by the ABCB's BCR Implementation Team, up to December 2020.


This Public Report details progress on delivery of the Building Confidence National Framework by the ABCB’s Building Confidence Report Implementation Team, up to May 2021.


The Accessible Housing Options Paper ('Options Paper') has been developed by the ABCB to provide a preliminary menu of options and costings on the possible inclusion of a minimum accessib


This document seeks to consider the design changes necessary for additional facilities to provide occupant warning for the deaf and hearing impaired.

This report provides commentary on the cost implications of a range of proposed Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions emanating from the Emergency Egress for all Occupants Project.

This report contains a range of information drawn from existing material on warm water systems, including regulatory requirements, State and Territory based advisory information and NCC provisions

Report This report outlines the principles and methodology used to develop the proposed residential heating and cooling load limits for all Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) climate z

Fire Code Reform Centre (Project 3) This report, Fire Resistance and Non-Combustibility – Evaluation of Non-Combustibility Requirements examines the basis of existing requirements for non-combustib

Fire Code Reform Centre (Project 2) This Technical Report, Recent Approaches to Regulating the Fire Performance of Materials In Buildings, deals specifically with a review of existing approaches to

Fire Code Reform Centre (Project 6) This Technical Report, Review of Fire Safety in Shopping Centres: The Key Issues, is a report that describes the Project 6 studies and the outcomes in a concise

Fire Code Reform Centre (Project 4) This Technical Report, Arousal from Sleep with a Smoke Detector in Children and Adults, involved the development of a Fundamental Model, incorporating engineerin

Provides an overview of condensation in residential buildings, and discussions about why condensation risk, and occurrences of condensation and mould may be increasing within current Australian res

Consultation draft This report outlines a review of the WaterMark Certification Scheme undertaken by the ABCB in 2014.

Report The ABCB commissioned Professor Mark Taylor, Macquarie University, to conduct a literature review of known causes that contribute to brass fittings leaching lead into drinking water.

This report provides information about deaths reported to an Australian State or Territory between 01/01/2001 and 31/12/2013, where the person died as a result of scalding caused by water sourced f

Outcomes Statement This document has been released by Australia, United States, Canada and New Zealand.

This paper investigates whether the current Australian Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme encourages heat stress resistance. Submitted as part of the ABCB Scholarship Research Program.