Established in 1994, the Australian Building Codes (ABCB) Office resides within the Federal Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources in Canberra. The ABCB Office is a professional, technical and administrative team that provides support to the Board and its ongoing work program.

The ABCB Office is not a regulator and does not enforce the National Construction Code (NCC). Constitutional responsibility for regulating the built environment rests with the states and territories.

The ABCB is responsible for:

  • Updating and maintaining the NCC
  • Administering and management of the WaterMark and CodeMark Certification Schemes
  • Undertaking research projects and regulatory impact analysis
  • Consultation and liaison
  • Management and co-ordination of committee activities
  • Advice on policy development
  • Information dissemination and awareness raising
  • Support for practitioners through educational and professional development resources
  • Clarification support services
  • Other matters as determined by the Board.

The ABCB is not responsible for:

  • Rulings, interpretations or classifications, advice or dispute resolutions on specific construction projects or state or territory variations
  • Occupational health and safety guidelines and legislation
  • Workmanship control, quality, durability of materials or other building-related aspects not specifically required by the NCC
  • Regulation concerning demolition, site-related industrial matters and asbestos removal
  • Administrative documents such as contracts, permits, compliance inspections and reports, stop-work notices and certificates
  • Licensing and auditing of building and plumbing practitioners
  • Regulatory offences and penalties and appeal processes, and
  • Planning issues such as subdivision allotment orientation, minimum set-backs and fence heights.