In the event of fire in a building, occupant safety and the protection of adjoining property are fundamental requirements of building regulations. The following projects are being undertaken to ensure the robustness of the NCC's fire safety provisions.

Smoke Alarms

Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) has undertaken a smoke alarm testing program that provides information on recommended smoke alarm numbers, locations and toxicity performance. The FRNSW program report is being reviewed together with earlier work undertaken by the ABCB in 2012 in respect to the costs associated with the number and location of smoke alarms. The ABCB will also develop a Verification Method for smoke alarms, based on work commenced under the Increased and Competent Use of Performance project, in collaboration with FRNSW, for possible inclusion in NCC 2022.

Vulnerable Children in High-Rise Buildings

This project involves the investigation of enhanced fire safety provisions for early childhood centres and primary schools located in high-rise buildings. Enhanced provisions for early childhood centres will be implemented as part of an out-of-cycle amendment to NCC 2019. The development of enhanced provisions for primary schools will also be investigated for possible inclusion in NCC 2022.

Bushfire Provisions for Non-residential Buildings

The focus of this project is on investigating the level of bushfire protection required for buildings used by vulnerable people, such as hospitals, schools and aged care facilities.