This macro-economic analysis was commissioned by the ABCB to inform the development of responses to the Building Confidence Report.


This report estimates the potential construction costs for an accessible adult change facility in an existing modified BCA facility or a separated facility as specified below:


This updated report presents an order of cost estimate for the proposed changes to the National Construction Code of Australia (NCC) to include mandatory minimum accessible housing provisions for n

FCRC-PR 96-02 (Volume 2) BCA Fire Provisions Restructured

FCRC TR96-08 Case studies of fires in retail buildings

Evaluation of fire resistance levels: techniques, data and results.


The Model Regulatory Powers were developed in response to recommendation 6 of the Building Confidence Report (BCR).

The National Model Code of Conduct for Building Surveyors sets out minimum obligations for registered building surveyors undertaking statutory functions. It covers four areas:

The Accessible Housing Options Paper ('Options Paper') has been developed by the ABCB to provide a preliminary menu of options and costings on the possible inclusion of a minimum accessib


Monash University Accident Research Centre was commissioned by the ABCB to undertake a study of the incidence of slips, trips and falls and their relationship to the design and construction of buil

This paper is concerned with the introduction of new sound requirements to the BCA, Part F5.

Fire Code Reform Centre (Project 2) This report, Fire Performance of Exterior Claddings, was undertaken to investigate the fire safety performance of exterior cladding materials and the suitability

Fire Code Reform Centre (Project 4) This Technical Report, Smouldering & Flaming Fires - an Experimental Program, involved the development of a Fundamental Model, incorporating engineering, ris

Fire Code Reform Centre (Project 6) This Technical Report, Simulated Shopping Centre Fires in Retail Buildings, was aimed at studying the factors affecting fire safety in shopping centres with the

Provides an overview of condensation in residential buildings, and discussions about why condensation risk, and occurrences of condensation and mould may be increasing within current Australian res

This document seeks to consider the design changes necessary for additional facilities to provide occupant warning for the deaf and hearing impaired.

The analysis is presented in a summary table for each building Class and type.

This document is a summary of the research findings undertaken by Di Marzio Research, which was designed to identify the impact of the proposed BCA changes to the riser and going dimensions of stai

Fire Code Reform Centre (Project 2) Report, Investigation of Methods and Protocols for Regulating the Fire Performance of Materials with Applied Fire Retardant Surface Coatings was undertaken to in