NCC: Developing Performance Solutions

This YouTube clip provides an overview of our guide to developing Performance Based Design Solutions.


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The National Construction Code also known as the NCC

contains mandatory performance requirements

that set the minimum level of performance that

buildings, building elements and plumbing

systems must achieve.

A performance solution is an option which may be

used to satisfy these performance requirements.

To assist in the development of performance

solutions the ABCB has produced this guidance document.

It can be used for both simple and complex

performance based designs with the length and

complexity of the process being proportional to the

complexity of the design.


The guidance document is presented
as four distinct steps.

Step 1 - The brief.

Developing a brief requires project

stakeholders to collaborate and agree on a

pathway for the design process to follow.

This includes selecting which of the assessment

methods as outlined in the NCC is to be used.

This step is critical as it sets the agreed

acceptance criteria used to assess the solution

against the NCC performance requirement.

Step 2 - Analysis or testing.

This step involves analysis, modelling or

testing to meet the agreed acceptance criteria set

out in the brief.

Step 3 - Evaluation.

Once the analysis, modelling or testing is

complete the results are collated and evaluated to

determine if the acceptance criteria have been met.

If they are not met then Step 2 may need to be

repeated until the acceptance criteria are satisfied.

Step 4 - Reporting.

The final report should demonstrate that

compliance with the NCC performance requirement

has been achieved based on all of the previous steps.

This four step process provides an outline to

assist in developing performance solutions.

For more details refer to the full guidance document

which has been supported by a number of industry groups.

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