Openable windows

This Advisory Note relates to requirements to protect certain openable windows to reduce the risk of young children falling from those windows.

Energy the safety of your building water system post COVID-19 restrictions

As COVID-19 restrictions are relaxed, it is important to ensure the safety of building water systems before occupancy resumes.

Slip resistance

Advisory Note This Advisory Note relates to requirements for stairways, landings and ramps to have slip-resistant, non-skid or non-slip surfaces.

Timber framing concessions

This Advisory Note explains the intent of the concessions in Specification C1.1, Clauses 3.10(a) and 4.3 (a) of NCC Volume One.

Fire performance of external walls and cladding

At its meeting on 19 February 2016, the Building Ministers’ Forum agreed to the development and implementation of a range of measures to help address risks associated with high risk cladding produc

Energy efficiency requirements for fans in unitary AC equipment

This Advisory Note relates to the application of the DTS Provisions for energy efficiency in NCC Volume One for fans.