The case study of the Manhattan on the Park Apartments, a 17 storey building with 330 residential apartments and ground floor retail, demonstrates how a sanitary drainage Performance Solution can be used to meet the Performance Requirements of the NCC.

The solution is based on using the NCC Provision A2.2(4), a process for developing Performance Solutions, published in NCC 2019 Amendment 1 in July 2020. The provision comes into effect from 1 July 2021.

Applying NCC Provision A2.2(4)

The ABCB’s Performance Solution Process guidance document simplifies the development of a Performance Solution that complies with the Performance Requirements of the NCC. This document provides guidance on the process outlined in A2.2 in the Governing Requirements of the NCC, Volumes One, Two and Three. It outlines the requirements for each stage of the process.

This staged process includes:

  • Preparing a performance-based design brief (PBDB)
  • Carrying out analysis
  • Evaluating results, and
  • Preparing a final report.

The following outlines the four-step process as it is applied to the plumbing Performance Solution used for the Manhattan on the Park Apartments project.

Step 1: A performance-based design brief: The builder and several expert advisors including hydraulic consultants scoped out the proposed solution, identified the basis on which they would carry out the analysis, and identified the criteria that would determine the Performance Solution.

Step 2: Carry out analysis: A hydraulic consultancy firm designed the sanitary plumbing Performance Solution to meet the Performance Requirements of the NCC. This included the equivalent population method and probable simultaneous demand solution and modelling to demonstrate the functionality of the sanitary drainage.

Step 3: Evaluate results: A mix of NCC Assessment Methods, including expert judgement, was used to evaluate the design. This included sanitary drainage research conducted by the Heriot-Watt University in Scotland.

Step 4: Prepare a final report: A final report contained a summary of the sanitary drainage solution, the relevant Performance Requirements, Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) Provisions, NCC Assessment Methods, and confirmation of compliance with the NCC Performance Requirements.

Want more information?

The ABCB has a range of other useful resources, including this video (link to video) on developing Performance Solutions, available from the ABCB’s resource library and ABCB Connect.


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