Public Comment Draft


Consultation is the cornerstone of the ABCB's commitment to create a contemporary and relevant NCC that delivers good societal outcomes for safety and health; amenity and accessibility, and sustainability in the built environment. It is instrumental to the ongoing development and maintenance of the NCC and broader regulatory reform matters.

All engagement with stakeholders is undertaken within the framework of Council of Australian Governments' principles and guidelines for good regulatory practice, and consistent with the ABCB Inter-Governmental Agreement.

NCC 2019 Public Comment Draft

The NCC 2019 Public Comment Draft closed for comment on Friday, 13 April 2018 for all items except energy efficiency of commercial buildings and Friday, 20 April 2018 for energy efficiency of commercial buildings.

Please refer to the key release dates for information of the production and release of NCC 2019.

Registered NCC users who have opted to receive communication from the ABCB will be advised when the next public comment draft is available.

The Key Dates for NCC 2019

Outlines the key dates for the NCC 2019 amendment process. Read More