To increase awareness and use of the NCC, the ABCB is working to improve our education materials and target new users. We are also looking to work more closely with educators across the building and plumbing sectors.

The range of materials include resource kits, non-mandatory handbooks, case studies, infographics, seminars and YouTube clips.

Materials for Educators

Resource Kits

The Resource Kits provide introductory material for all volumes of the NCC and specific topics such as disability access, fire safety and energy efficiency. They include a main set of slides with supporting FAQs, group exercises, case studies and supporting handouts. They are suitable for those looking for adaptable PowerPoint-based material. Access them from the Resource Library.

NCC Tutor

Recently released NCC Tutor is an “ABCB Licensed Product” for educators, based on the Resource Kits. This condensed product allows educators to deliver ABCB content about the NCC using their own logos, branding and preferred delivery method. There are nine topics in the NCC Tutor range, covering an introduction to each NCC volume, performance and volume specific information about energy efficiency and disability access. Each NCC Tutor topic is available in a ‘clean’ PowerPoint format with lecture notes and accompanying multiple choice questions.

NCC Tutor replaces the previous online training product that was delivered by a third party provider. The Resource Library provides information about the product. To request access, please submit an online enquiry.

NCC Course Portal

Are you looking for a course about the NCC? Look no further – the Course Portal lists courses based on NCC 2016 or with just a component of NCC 2016 content.

It points users in the direction of universities, TAFEs or RTOs delivering current NCC courses and is an invaluable promotional tool for these organisations. Interested educators are invited to submit an online enquiry to find out how to list their courses and be part of this exciting new ABCB initiative.

NCC Information Seminars

Stakeholder consultation and awareness of the NCC is important and, as such, NCC Information Seminars will again be held in each Australian capital city, throughout February and March 2019. Presented by the ABCB, this platform proves to be highly valuable for NCC users to engage and discuss the NCC and its use.

Further information including dates, venues, cost and registration details are regularly updated on the Latest Updates page.

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