National Construction Code

Dedicated to all things building and plumbing, this is where you find information on matters directly relevant to the NCC. Separate icons representing building and plumbing allow the ability to find articles of most interest.

Read about some real-life examples of performance-based design using fire engineering.
Here's a snapshot of the latest plumbing materials and other related information.
The BCC and/or PCC has agreed to documents suitable for referencing in the DTS provisions of NCC 2019.
Find out how ABCB and Industry are building capacity around the understanding and use of the performance-based NCC.
From 12 March 2018 NCC 2016 Volume One Amendment 1 was adopted by States and Territories.
Introducing the ABCB's Subject Matter Expert Network.
The Discussion Paper on the NCC and short-term accommodation is open for comment.
Find out what the proposed changes are in the NCC 2019 Public Comment Draft and Regulatory Impact Analysis.