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ACCESS2017 Conference

Presenter Alex Armstrong at podium

ABCB Project Officer Alexander Armstrong presented to the ACCESS2017 conference on “Enabling Innovation in the built environment through the use of Performance Solutions.”

ACCESS2017 is this year’s annual conference for the Association of Consultants in Access Australia, and was held at the Brisbane Convention Centre, 18-20 October 2017. This year’s topic was “Accessible Wayfinding Experiences – Events & Destinations. Are we there yet?”, with a heavy focus on the development of innovative solutions for accessible wayfinding in the public space.

Alexander presented on the progress of Quantification of Performance in the NCC project, particularly the accessibility related requirements, as well as highlighting avenues for future work in this space. 

The aim of the presentation was to highlight the work being done by the ABCB, as well as raise the profile and benefits of performance-based design.

The message was met with mixed responses from the delegates but included valuable feedback on how to proceed with further quantifying the NCC’s accessibility Performance Requirements.

The Public Comment Draft for NCC2019 will contain two new Verification Methods relating to accessibility, DV2 – Access to and within a building, and DV3 – Ramp design.

To find out more about what the ABCB is doing on Performance go to the Performance initiative.

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