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Do you know what a NCC Resource Kit is?

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Are you an educator? Are you developing new building or plumbing course material?

Why not have a look at some of the resources available on our website developed to assist educators?

The ABCB has produced two products aimed specifically at educators to help them prepare courses and materials: NCC Tutor and NCC Resources Kits.

NCC Tutor is developed as a plug and play lecture, so that it can be picked up and incorporated straight into coursework. Each presentation also comes with an assessment form, which contains a series of questions and answers. This is included to further assist educators in teaching and assessing knowledge of the NCC.

NCC Tutor has lectures developed which cover nine NCC topics, such as:

  • introductory information about all three Volumes;
  • energy efficiency;
  • plumbing;
  • disability access; and
  • using a performance-based code.

While NCC Tutor has been developed as a plug and play product for educators to use, the NCC Resources Kits have been developed with some greater freedom and depth incorporated. The Resource Kits also contain in depth lecture slides on the topic, including speaking points, assessment questions and frequently asked questions. It has been developed this way to provide a resource which educators can use either in complete, part or to take content and develop their own presentations for students.

Want to know more?

Why not have a look at the ABCB’s YouTube video on our Resource Kits. This video provides an overview of the Resource Kits available in the Resource Library. It describes the topics covered by the Resource Kits, the information presented, and who they are best aimed at.

To find out more, watch the NCC Resource Kits YouTube clip or visit our webpage on NCC Tutor.

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