To support the release of NCC 2022 Preview we are providing stakeholders with communications material to assist with promotion. Below you will find links to material that contain a variety of written resources that you can use to share information about the NCC across your organisation’s preferred media and communication channels.

Key points

This first stage release contains most of the amendments finalised for the NCC 2022, including:

  • New livable housing features to assist people with disability and through more stages of life
  • An improved volume and clause structure to improve consistency and useability, including a new ABCB Housing Provisions Standard
  • New lead free requirements for plumbing products to improve the quality and safety of drinking water
  • New fire safety provisions for early childhood centres and primary schools in multi-storey buildings
  • New bushfire protection measures in Class 9 buildings, and
  • A range of improvements to the fire safety, weatherproofing, and waterproofing requirements.

How you can help?

Let your stakeholders know about the release of the NCC 2022 Preview by:

  • Using the campaign content provided below in your communications
  • Engage your networks with what's new about NCC 2022
  • Engage your networks about the 2022 NCC Seminars
  • Engage your networks through social media via events, stories etc.
  • Check for updates and new campaign materials
Timeline showing when the ABCB intend to release the stages of NCC 2022 and integral referenced documents.
Includes approved text relating to the NCC 2022 Preview.
Includes electronic direct mail content for your use on your websites, or email communication etc
Includes two information pieces on the NCC 2022 Preview for use in eNewsletters, newspapers and magazines etc.
Includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) relating to the NCC 2022.