Under the Accessible Housing project, regulatory analysis is currently being undertaken of options for potential minimum accessibility standards for housing applied through the NCC. Accessible housing is housing that includes features which enable use by people either with a disability or transitioning through their life stages. The regulatory analysis will consider the Livable Housing Design Guidelines Silver and Gold level specifications as possible options for a minimum accessibility standard, and additional options identified through consultation.

Options Paper

In August 2018, the Building Ministers’ Forum agreed to the ABCB developing an Options Paper on accessible housing possibly being regulated through the NCC.

The Accessible Housing Options Paper was released for public consultation between September and November 2018. It sought community and industry input into the objectives, options and terminology that will be considered in a formal Regulatory Impact Statement, expected to begin in 2019.

National Consultation Forums

In October and November 2018, the ABCB held a series of consultation forums in each capital city. These forums provided an opportunity for stakeholders to have their say on accessible housing in-person, and have questions answered directly by representatives of the ABCB. A video recording of these forums is available.

Options Paper Consultation Report

Following the completion of the Options Paper process and the National Consultation Forums, the ABCB published an Options Paper Consultation Report that documents, in summary form, stakeholder feedback and identifies considerations that will shape the next stage of this project, the Regulation Impact Statement (RIS).

Project timeline

2018 Accessible Housing Options Paper released for public comment   Accessible Housing National Consultation Forums
2019 Consultation Outcomes Report Work begins on RIS
2020 Conclusion of RIS process Development of content for NCC 2022 (if directed by Governments)
2021 Consultation on NCC 2022 public comment draft Decision on inclusion of accessible housing provisions ABCB Board determines NCC provisions if Governments decide to proceed 
2022 NCC takes effect in all States and Territories on 1 September. 


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