Using the NCC

NCC Tutor

NCC Tutor is an ABCB Licensed Product for education and training providers. It provides current NCC content for you to deliver in a way that best suits your audience. Video, webinar, online training, lectures, the choice is yours! NCC Tutor is free to access and use.

Using the NCC provides the following content:

  • the NCC and its structure as a performance-based code;
  • complying with the NCC;
  • information about Performance Solutions and Assessment Methods;
  • building classifications; and
  • the language of the NCC and referenced documents.

NCC Tutor is provided in a PowerPoint format with notes and a set of multiple choice questions with answers. The licensed content is designed to be delivered verbatim with the opportunity to include your institution’s branding and livery. Best of all, you can deliver it in a way that best suits your audience.

Further information about NCC Tutor is provided in NCC Tutor: What’s inside? and the Deed Poll Licence provides details about using the licensed product.

Interested in using NCC Tutor? Simply submit a general online enquiry and when prompted select “Resource” from the enquiry category menu and enter “NCC Tutor application” in the subject line to start the process.

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