Offer to Licence the NCC Tutor

NCC Tutor is an ABCB Licenced Product for education providers. It provides current NCC content for training professionals to deliver in a way that best suits the curriculum and audience. The product is made up of nine different PowerPoint presentations including lecture notes and assessment questions which can be used to test audience understanding. The content has been developed for delivery at either tertiary institutions or registered training organisations. A sample of the NCC Tutor content can be found in ‘NCC Tutor: What’s inside?’ Like all ABCB education materials, NCC Tutor is free.

The Offer to Licence the NCC Tutor is a legally binding licence agreement which provides the Terms and Conditions for using the product. Education providers are invited to review the Offer to Licence and can request a licence from the Chief Executive Officer by selecting ‘Request’ below.

Offer to licence cover image

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