Deed Poll Licence for NCC Tutor

NCC Tutor is an ABCB Licenced Product for education providers. It provides current NCC content for education and training professionals to deliver in a way that best suits the curriculum and audience. There are a number of different titles relating to the NCC in the series. The product itself is a PowerPoint presentation including lecture notes/script and assessment questions which can be used to test audience understanding. The content has been developed for delivery at either tertiary institutions or registered training organisations (RTOs). A sample of the NCC Tutor content can be found in ‘NCC Tutor: What’s inside?’. NCC Tutor is free to access and use.

The Deed Poll Licence for NCC Tutor is a legally binding licence agreement providing the Terms and Conditions for using the product. Education providers are invited to review the Deed Poll Licence and can request a licence by selecting ‘Request’ below.

Cover image: ABCB Deed Poll Licence for NCC Tutor

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