WaterMark Consultation

The ABCB is responsible for the review and approval of all existing, new or amended product Specifications for adoption into the WaterMark Scheme. The Scheme Rules provide procedures and requirements for development of a new, or amended Specification. These procedures and requirements include releasing the draft document for public comment. This is to ensure all stakeholders are informed of any proposed Specification development and have the opportunity to provide input prior to finalisation of the document.

Stakeholders are invited to provide comment on any of the draft Specifications open for comment. All comments must be submitted to watermark@abcb.gov.au using the WaterMark Public Comment response sheet provided.

Draft specifications open for Public Comment

Draft specifications currently open for comment are listed below:

AS 1172.3 Sanitary plumbing products, Part 3: Personal hygiene fixtures and appliances - Bidets and Bidettes

Standards Australia have released the above Australian Standard for public comment. This Standard has been prepared by the Joint Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand Committee WS-003, Sanitary Plumbing Fixtures, to supersede AS 3494—1997, Bidettes and bidets.

The objective of this Standard is to provide manufacturers, importers, suppliers and users with requirements for bidets intended for use with douche spray below the rim of the bowl, and to bidettes that can be fitted with over-the-rim taps.

To provide comment on this please access the Public Commenting page of the Standards Australia website.

The public comment period for this Australian Standard closes on Tuesday 5 February 2019.

WMTS-106 Small bore wastewater pumping units

This new Specification sets out requirements for small bore wastewater pumping units – for the conveyance of wastewater from dedicated fixtures to the sanitary drainage system.

These units are to be installed above ground and designed to function on demand with a minimum activation level and do not include a holding tank.

The pumping units can be of the following basic types:

  • Those for use with dedicated fixtures for the removal of wastewater (grey) not containing faecal matter.
  • Those for use with Water Closet (WC) pans either directly or remotely connected and other fixtures for the removal of wastewater containing faecal matter

The public comment period for this Specification closes on Friday 25 January 2019.