WaterMark Consultation

The ABCB is responsible for the review and approval of all existing, new or amended product Specifications for adoption into the WaterMark Scheme. The Scheme Rules provide procedures and requirements for development of a new, or amended Specification. These procedures and requirements include releasing the draft document for public comment. This is to ensure all stakeholders are informed of any proposed Specification development and have the opportunity to provide input prior to finalisation of the document.

Stakeholders are invited to provide comment on any of the draft Specifications open for comment. All comments must be submitted to watermark@abcb.gov.au using the WaterMark Public Comment response sheet provided.

Draft specifications open for Public Comment

Draft specifications currently open for comment are listed below:

WMTS-468 Hot water systems – Recirculation valves

The objective of this revision is to provide a consistent AS/NZS 4020 scaling factor for in-line devices in accordance with other Australian Standards and WaterMark Technical Specifications incorporating in-line valves.

The public comment period for this Specification closes on Friday 31 May 2019

WMTS-527 Automatic hand washing station

This Technical Specification sets out requirements for the WaterMark Certification of automatic hand washing stations connected to the water service and/or sanitary plumbing piping. The hand washing stations can be connected as countertop, wall mounted or a combination.

The hand washing stations covered by this Technical Specification are intended for automatically mixing water, soap and air for hygienic washing.

The public comment period for this Specification closes on Friday 26 July 2019.