Notice: CMI product certification body accreditation suspended in Australia

Thursday, 11 July 2019

As of 10 July 2019, CertMark International Pty Ltd’s (CMI) accreditation as a product certification body under the CodeMark Scheme Rules (v2009.1), the CodeMark Australia Scheme Rules (v2016.1) and the Manual for the WaterMark Scheme and Rules (v2016) has been suspended by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ).

The suspension is due to CMI not meeting scheme accreditation requirements. The suspension may be lifted by JAS-ANZ if CMI resolves the issues that led to its suspension – CMI has been given 60 working days to resolve the issues.

While suspended CMI cannot issue any CodeMark or WaterMark certificates. However, all current, active CodeMark and WaterMark product certificates issued by CMI remain valid during the period of suspension.

JAS-ANZ is appointed by the ABCB and is responsible for the accreditation and ongoing monitoring of Certification Bodies for the CodeMark and WaterMark product certification schemes.

Further information

To see a list of current accredited CodeMark and WaterMark Certification Bodies visit the JAS-ANZ website.

To confirm the status of a CodeMark product certificate please check the CodeMark Register of Certificates of Conformity.

To confirm the status of a WaterMark product certificate please check the WaterMark Product Database.


Any questions regarding the suspension of CMI can be sent to

Alternatively, questions regarding CodeMark New Zealand can be sent to