Survey Open: Reporting on the auditing of commercial buildings

Tuesday, 30 June 2020 Construction Skyline

Provide your views on reporting of auditing strategies, activities and outcomes of commercial buildings.

In response to Recommendation 7 of the Building Confidence Report (BCR), the BCR Implementation Team is developing a high-level principles-based publication framework. This framework will help in drafting a nationally consistent guide to Australia-wide public reporting on the auditing of the construction of commercial buildings (including multi-storey residential – Class 2).

To do this the BCR Implementation Team is seeking your views about reporting on auditing strategies, activities and outcomes and how reporting on this type of information would impact compliance with state and territory legislation, the NCC and Australian Standards.

Taking time to express your views on auditing reporting through completion of this survey will help to ensure the publication framework can deliver benefits for regulators, industry, and all owners, tenants and users of new commercial buildings.

The survey can be accessed via the ABCB Consultation Hub and is open until 11:59PM AEST Tuesday 14 July 2020.