Variation Reduction, Consolidation and Harmonisation

A nationally consistent code that serves as the source of all mandatory provisions affecting the design, construction, and performance of buildings is an underlying principle of the ABCB Inter-government Agreement (IGA).

Variation Management

The Variation Management Strategy is an initiative aimed at reducing State and Territory variations to the NCC to achieve the objective of ensuring that NCC requirements are consistent across Australia.

Code Consolidation

Some State and Territory plumbing and building requirements are currently located outside the NCC, such as in State or Territory regulations or other instruments. The ABCB IGA commits Plumbing and Building Administrations to take reasonable steps to consolidate all of their mandatory provisions affecting the design, construction and performance of buildings into the NCC.

Code Harmonisation

The establishment of the NCC highlighted matters that were either duplicated or required harmonisation across the building and plumbing codes. Simple matters are being addressed through the inclusion of ‘cross-Volume considerations’ and explanatory information in all Volumes. More complex issues will involve targeted stakeholder engagement to ensure the development of clear and complementary regulatory requirements for NCC users.

Inter-Governmental Agreement

The ABCB operates under an Inter-Governmental Agreement between the nine Governments. Read More