NCC 2019 Energy Efficiency Project

As part of the NCC 2019 energy efficiency project, several information articles and infographics are being developed to communicate what’s involved and update stakeholders on progress of the project.

This table lists energy efficiency information articles and resources as they are developed.

Published Information articles and resources Type
03/2017 Section J overhaul – Big changes are coming your way! Connect article
08/2017 Rationale and Scope Paper
03/2017 NABERS Energy Commitment Agreement   Performance Scenario
08/2017 Provisions at a glance Infographic
08/2017 Development Process Infographic
01/2017 Energy Efficiency Initiative - time to grow up! Connect article
11/2016  Commercial Energy Efficiency consultancy Latest update
09/2016 Energy Efficiency initiative Latest update
08/2016 Commercial Energy Efficiency Workshop Latest update
08/2016  Residential Energy Efficiency Workshop Latest update