Why do I need the PCA?

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The PCA is the critical link between the Plumbing Acts and Regulations in each State and Territory and product or installation standards including the AS/NZS 3500 suite. It contains the technical requirements for plumbing in Australia.

So, if you’re working in the plumbing or building industries, you need to be across the PCA!

Quick facts

  • The PCA is also known as Volume Three of the NCC.
  • The ABCB, with the State and Territory governments and the plumbing industry develops and maintains the PCA.
  • Each State and Territory references the PCA through their Plumbing Acts and Regulations as the technical requirements that must be complied with.
  • The PCA applies to design, construction, installation, replacement, repair, alteration and maintenance of plumbing/drainage systems including cold and heated water services and sanitary plumbing and drainage systems.
  • Plumbing compliance is more than meeting the requirements in the AS/NZS 3500 series of standards; you also need the PCA.
  • The PCA’s Performance Requirements allow for new and innovative plumbing solutions to be considered.
  • The ABCB has a range of resources available to increase your knowledge of the PCA. Check out the ABCB’s Resource Library for details.

Big changes coming soon… an updated PCA

Changes to the PCA that will have effect from 1 May 2019 are nearing completion. If you’re a registered user, keep an eye out for the email alert in early 2019 or check back at the website.

How do I access the PCA?

Register to get free access! When you register, don’t forget to opt in to receive emails from the ABCB. It’s the best way to stay up-to-date with our plumbing news!

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