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Image of a performance-based designed building

On the 19th February the ABCB hosted an Industry Forum with key industry association leaders across the building and plumbing sectors to develop and explore ideas on how to build capacity around the understanding and use of the performance-based NCC.

The forum was provided with an overview of the work that is and has been undertaken by the ABCB, and covered the history of the project, rationale behind it and the quantification, mindset and capacity building work completed since 2014 when the project was established. It was convened as part of the on-going process to build capacity in the use of a performance based code, directed in particular at industry organisations that have an important role in training practitioners and accrediting courses with a significant membership base, which are or should be engaged with the NCC. The organisations that attended were:

Further collaboration and participation in these ABCB activities will be explored to further develop industry better practice and to raise awareness and knowledge. For starters, at the invitation of the industry associations, the ABCB will utilise the extensive communication channels including social media available through the associations to connect with practitioners.

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