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Engaging with Architects in Performance-based Design

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As part of our vision for increasing performance-based design across Australia’s building and plumbing industry, we’re engaging with Australia’s architecture industry.

You may recall our last Connect article provided feedback on the online survey and focus groups looking at the opportunities and challenges the architecture sector faces. Part of this engagement sought to better understand how ABCB materials could help support industry, and to look at opportunities and challenges associated with achieving compliance using NCC Performance Solutions. The feedback suggested developing examples and case studies of successful Performance Solutions that can be shared and used across the industry.


We’re developing a series of flowcharts detailing how to use ABCB’s Performance Solutions resources relative to specific topics such as energy efficiency, structure, health and amenity and plumbing. The flowcharts have been designed to help architects navigate the ABCB’s online resource library.  They include information such as the purpose and content of each document, and how the resources relate to each other.

The flowcharts will be made available in the Resource library in the near future. 

Case studies

In early June 2017, the ABCB invited Australia’s architectural sector to profile its work and provide case studies about successful examples of materials, products, design factors and construction and installation methods that have achieved a Performance Solution that complies with the NCC’s Performance Requirements.

A modest number of submissions were received and we thank those that have contributed thus far. As these case studies are developed, they will also be made available in our Resource Library.

Performance Solution Case Study: Riley Street Apartments now available to view.

We still want more feedback!

Architects that may have missed the cut off date for submissions are still encouraged to submit case study examples. To do so, please provide a short overview of the project and the Performance Solution challenge, including information on why a Performance Solution was chosen over a Deemed-to-Satisfy approach. Send your submission to ABCB who are also available to provide further information or answer questions about providing a case study.

The sector is also encouraged to share suggestions for future communications materials, including ideas on fact sheet topics.

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