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Documents considered as part of a Performance Solution (Update 7)

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The ABCB’s Building Codes Committee and/or Plumbing Code Committee has agreed to the following documents as being suitable for referencing in the 2019 edition of the NCC.

In the interim, these documents may be considered for use as part of a Performance Solution.

  • Amendment 1 to AS 5113, Classification of external walls of buildings based on reaction to fire performance (previously known as Fire propagation testing and classification of external walls of buildings)
  • ASTM E695-03, Standard method of measuring relative resistance of wall, floor and roof construction to impact loading
  • ASTM E72-15, Standard test methods of constructing strength tests of panels for building construction

Readers will recall from previously published related information provided in ABCB Connect, the ABCB has established an initiative to promote revised or amended documents which are not referenced in the NCC that may be suitable for use as part of a Performance Solution.

For further information see the list of documents available for consideration as part of a Performance Solution.

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