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Assisting industry in the competent use of performance-based design

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Last year the ABCB commenced a pilot communications campaign.

The campaign targeted Australia’s architecture and building design sectors. The aim, to increase the competent use of performance-based design across the building and construction industry. The campaign looked at the opportunities and challenges associated with achieving compliance and building capacity of the sector. After running this project for the past 18 months, we’re interested to hear your thoughts on how successful it’s been.

Seeking feedback from Architects and Building Designers

At the start of the campaign, a survey was conducted, with feedback providing the basis for developing a range of activities. Another online survey was undertaken at the end of the campaign to see if there was any change as a result of these activities.

New resources

Your feedback from the initial survey asked for more examples and case studies of successful Performance Solutions. As a result, the ABCB has delivered, with five case studies available from the Resource Library. The most recent Case Study outlines developing a Performance Solution for fire safety at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra. It details the challenge of maintaining carefully climate controlled conditions for valuable art works while complying with the NCC fire safety Performance Requirements.

The ABCB is continually expanding its library of case studies. These are a great source of real examples about how building practitioners are developing successful Performance Solutions.

New flowcharts for Performance Solutions

One of the common factors inhibiting the use of Performance Solutions to meet NCC Performance Requirements is uncertainty about process. Flowcharts are a great tool for understanding how the process works. Breaking elements down to simple steps can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness in problem solving.

The ABCB has developed six interactive flow charts for Performance Solutions. The most recent focusses on Performance Solutions for Fire Safety. Another focuses on several instructional videos on the ABCB’s YouTube Channel. A short description of each resource is provided, along with guidance on the sequence in which each resource should be read.

The ABCB has a number of other similar flowcharts for Performance Solutions on other disciplines. These include energy efficiency, plumbing, health and amenity, structural safety. Why not have a look at these via the Resource Library.

Where to next

Further collaboration and participation with industry is underway as we look to engage with other sectors to further develop industry best practice and raise awareness and knowledge. Stay tuned to ABCB Connect for regular updates on what’s happening or follow the ABCB on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

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