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ABCB Business Plan

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The latest Business Plan was considered and endorsed by Ministers at the 30 June Building Ministers’ Forum (BMF).

What's inside?

The Business Plan provides detail on critical projects for the ABCB in 2017-18 including a suite of measures to help address the risks associated with high rise building fires, which are to be expedited to help prevent the non-compliant use of cladding on buildings. The BMF also identified the analysis of accessible housing, prevention of jumping suicides from heights in buildings and sanitary facilities for people with profound disabilities, as priority projects.

The Plan also provides an overview of the upcoming work involved with revised product certification schemes, CodeMark and WaterMark, the continued work on the National Energy Productivity Plan which will significantly improve the energy efficiency performance of new buildings and the ongoing quantification of the NCC’s Performance Requirements. Increased NCC understanding and use through improved readability and digitisation, new education material and seminars, and closer collaboration with tertiary education providers, are also addressed.

Where can I find it?

For a more detailed insight into work of the Board for 2017-18, the Business Plan is now available.

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