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The ABCB has recently published on its website two new videos to help increase education and awareness about the mandatory WaterMark Certification Scheme for plumbing and drainage products.

The first new video What is WaterMark? outlines the Scheme and its purpose.

The second new video What requires WaterMark? explains the types of products that require WaterMark Certification and how to know if a product has been certified.

And don’t forget the existing video Using the Product Database, which shows how to search for certificates or products, download key information, and what to do if you can't find a plumbing material or product in the database.

These videos and many other ABCB resources are also available from the ABCB’s YouTube Channel.

Other resources available to you

The ABCB has an extensive Resource Library where you can search for numerous WaterMark reference documents including:

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