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NCC: evolving with technology

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A constant evolution of technologies in today’s marketplace means we are expected to adapt to a new way of obtaining information.

To assist in adapting to these new technologies, the ABCB regularly develops innovative solutions, such as tools and other resources to support the NCC in its application and assist with its use.

Examples of these tools include calculators, guides, publications, advisory notes and of course the online version of the NCC. These tools are available from our Resource library on any mobile device, and like the other tools in the tool belt, are designed to make life just that little bit easier.

NCC Online

NCC online provides improved access and efficiency, both on-site and in the office environment through its search functionality and alerts which link users to additional related resources. It also provides pop ups with key information such as defined terms.


For plumbing and building practitioners, the calculators such as the Gutters, Downpipes & Overflow Calculator can assist in designing compliant residential roof drainage systems quickly and accurately. The Sanitary Facilities Calculator can quickly and easily calculate the required number of sanitary facilities to assist with NCC compliance for any class of building. These calculators and others are available to save you time and provide an easy means to navigate some of the more complex areas of the NCC.

For building practitioners, the NCC 2019 Volume One Lighting Calculator is available to energy efficiency users. Beta testing new and updated energy efficiency calculators is being worked through and final versions will be updated soon. Until then, the following beta versions are available for practitioner use:

The ABCB is always working on new innovations and tools and if you have subscribed to the NCC you will receive updates when these are available for testing and use.

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