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This is your opportunity to have input into our new website

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We’re kicking off a project to redevelop the ABCB website and this is your opportunity to have your say.

The ABCB website is an effective tool in enabling communication, facilitating engagement and consultation activities, and sharing industry information. It also acts as an access channel to the NCC, the WaterMark and CodeMark Australia Certification Schemes, and related education and support materials.

Throughout 2020, the ABCB will be investigating improvements to the information architecture, user experience and interface design, while considering possible new digital technologies to assist in managing interactions and engagements with stakeholders. To kick off this project, the ABCB is seeking input and feedback from its stakeholders to understand your experience with using our website, and our subsidiary websites:;

How you can be involved

The ABCB has released a survey to get a better understanding and insight into how you interact with our website, particularly concerning its design, content, navigation, and performance. We’re looking to gather evidence to assist in understanding your choices, identify how you look for information and what improvements we should consider to ensure we deliver a new website that satisfies the needs of our diverse audience.

The survey is supported by the ABCB’s Consultation Hub, closing Sunday 9 February 2020. It should take approximately 5 - 10 minutes to complete.

Please note: Out-of-scope for this project is NCC 2019 Online and PDF downloads.

All information submitted will be treated in accordance with the ABCB’s Privacy Policy.


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