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Farewell and thanks to Industry Board member Murray Thomas

Head shot of Murray Thomas

The Board and the ABCB office would like to thank Board member Murray Thomas for his valuable and insightful contributions to the work of the Board over the past eight years.

Murray joined the Board as the first plumbing industry representative in 2011, following a decision by the Council of Australian Governments to have a consistent national approach to building and plumbing via the NCC. He led his industry through this period of change, championing the benefits of the amalgamation of plumbing and building codes and ensuring robust representation of the plumbing industry at the Board table.

Some of the more notable achievements of the Board during Murray’s tenure include –

  • Consolidation of building and plumbing regulation, resulting in the NCC
  • The move from a commercially available hard copy NCC to a free online code
  • Reduction in the frequency of NCC change, from a 1-year to a 3-year amendment cycle
  • Implementation of an improved WaterMark scheme
  • Development of a significant number of support materials to assist awareness and understanding of both the PCA and WaterMark
  • Quantification of the NCC’s Performance Requirements
  • Supporting work on the redesign of the PCA with the application of the readability principles
  • Oversighting quantification of the PCA's Performance Requirements as a member of the Board’s Steering Committee for the increased and competent use of performance.

Murray will be missed not only for his valued contributions, but for his spirit of collegiality and good humour. He continues his work as CEO of Master Plumbers WA, and will continue to provide advice to the ABCB office through work on other committees.

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