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Creating a culture of performance one case study at a time

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Australia’s architecture and design industry shares information and experience to create a performance mindset and strengthen industry efficiency.

Have you visited the ABCB resource library recently?

You may have noticed a few new additions, including our new suite of flowcharts showing the sequential order and grouping of our Performance Solutions resources.

The flowcharts cover specific topics such as energy efficiency, structure, health and amenity, and plumbing. They also include information on resources to achieve compliance with the NCC, Assessment Methods, and a practical guide detailing how to develop a Performance Solution.

In addition to our new range of flowcharts, we have been busy working with architects and design teams to continue to expand our suite of case studies demonstrating Performance Solutions that satisfy the mandatory NCC Performance Requirements.

Australian architects and designers have shown a keen willingness to collaborate, as they share detailed information on their experiences in developing Performance Solutions that meet the NCC’s Performance Requirements, on both small and large scale projects.

Our thanks to SJ Bishop Architect, Sid Thoo RAIA, Jackson Teece and ARUP for providing great case studies that showcase the processes followed to document, measure and verify successful Performance Solutions. This knowledge-sharing demonstrates the value of working collaboratively across the sector, bringing together diverse experience, expertise and ingenuity to design innovative solutions that deliver a range of community and industry benefits.

Our Resource library will continue to grow as the ABCB responds to the sector’s call for more information and resources. The range of new resources will enable us to better showcase the development and approval process towards delivering successful Performance Solutions. Visit the Performance initiative and other Connect articles to find out more about the ABCB’s work on Engendering a Performance Mindset and other initiatives on performance.

National AIA Seminars - National Construction Code: a Performance-Based Code

The AIA held their national seminar series throughout July, covering all things performance. Seminar attendees, and those that tuned into the livestream in Melbourne, heard from industry leaders and innovators on successful Performance Solutions projects and the actions industry is taking to overcome barriers to achieving Performance Solutions.

The ABCB presented on `NCC: a Performance-Based Code’ at Melbourne, Hobart, Launceston and Brisbane seminars. We heard from practitioners along the way who shared their experiences and views of the challenges and opportunities associated with delivering Performance Solutions within the requirements of the NCC. It was encouraging to hear there is a shared philosophy around the broader benefits of the performance-based code and the environment it has created for a sector that pursues innovative design and delivers quality outcomes that meet the NCC’s mandatory Performance Requirements.

The ABCB will continue to work with the sector to create an environment that supports this philosophical shift to a culture of innovation and collaboration to maximise productivity gains whilst ensuring compliant building outcomes.

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