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2018 Cadetship Program

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With applications now open for the 2018 Cadetship Program, hear what our most recent Cadets had to say about their 12 months with the ABCB…

Vinayak Gopakumar

Master of Engineering Structures, Victoria:

"My experience as a Cadet with the ABCB has been nothing short of fantastic. Warmly welcomed to the lovely city of Canberra, the staff at the ABCB ensured that I had the opportunity to hit the ground running.

Although initially I had little experience using the NCC, I soon got up-to-speed under the guidance of ABCB project officers and managers, whose knowledge of the Code is unparalleled. I was motivated in knowing that the work we did would improve buildings all over Australia.

In addition to a technical understanding of the NCC, I also gained an understanding of the legislation which gives the NCC and the Australian Standards legal standing. Appreciating the connection between building legislation and technical detail was eye opening for me, and I count it as one of the highlights of my time as a Cadet.

All in all, the Cadetship was a unique opportunity to gain a holistic understanding of the NCC and affect change at a national level, all while enjoying the ‘country town’ that is Canberra.”

Rufaro Chakaingesu

Masters of Architecture, Western Australia:

"For me, the ABCB Cadetship was an opportunity to tick several boxes in terms of advancing my career, these being:

  • get a head start in my profession by working with the experts on one of the best regarded building codes in the world,
  • work in a specialized environment, driven to support the nation’s building and plumbing practitioners and provide innovative and practical advice,
  • leave my mark on the construction industry.

You could do this and more as part of the ABCB Cadetship Program. I recommend applying for this opportunity - chances are, you’ll never look back!”

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Apply now

If you’ve recently graduated you could be our next Cadet!

We’re looking for someone with building or plumbing related qualifications or practical construction industry experience. Don’t leave it to the last minute, apply now for the 2018 Cadetship Program.

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