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South Australia clarification and compliance

Written by Jodie Evans, Unit Manager Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure 19/01/2017
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In South Australia several recommendations to improve planning systems are being implemented.

Application of the BCA to existing buildings

Over the past several years the South Australian Government has been undertaking a review of the planning system. As a result, several recommendations to improve the system are being implemented. These planning reforms impact on existing building control measures. Work has commenced around applying the BCA to the upgrading of existing buildings with the recent public consultation of a draft 'Minister's Code for upgrading health and safety in existing buildings'. The aim of the Code is to provide clarification to practitioners, developers and owners on the extent of upgrading required when triggered by the Development Act 1993. This includes buildings that are being altered, reclassified or found to be in an unhealthy, unsound or unsafe condition.

Interested parties can stay up-to-date with this and other policy initiatives, legislative and technical changes, training events, information for professional practitioners and more via the Building Standard e-newsletter.

Compliance certificates for the plumbing, gas and electrical industries

South Australia is transitioning from paper-based certificates for gas, electrical and plumbing compliance to electronic certificates of compliance, or eCoCs. eCoCs will be issued and accessed through the eCoC system administered by the Office of the Technical Regulator. This exciting change aims to improve business efficiency and provide better customer service.

The new system:

  • Allows contractors to complete their certificates online and send to all relevant parties (customers and industry entities) instantly via email.
  • Provides a communications channel that will allow regular updates on important issues such as changes to standards, and product safety alerts.
  • Stores a full history of certificates submitted so that the information can be accessed at a later date.

More information is available on the transition to the eCoC system, including registration. Interested parties can also stay up to date with all plumbing news and regulatory changes in South Australia via the e-newsletter Regulation Roundup.

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