Frequently Asked Questions

All text and diagrams in the ABCB Content are copyright protected as per the Copyright Statement. Specifically, the ABCB allows for personal use of the ABCB Content, which includes printing the ABCB Content in part or in its entirety. For any other reproduction or duplication purposes, namely commercial, educational or informative purposes please submit an enquiry using the online enquiry form.

It is likely that the page that you have requested to view no longer exists or the URL has been updated. You can either return to the homepage and initiate a search through the top website search bar, or contact us to report the problem.

Once you’ve submitted an online query/report form about a suspected non-conforming building product it will be forwarded to the relevant state and territory regulator, for consideration and response. All query/reports are kept confidential.

Please note, the ABCB is not responsible for actioning queries or reports related to this webpage and any issues relating to NCBPs. Should you have any enquiries relating to NCBPs or the form, please contact your applicable jurisdiction and lodge your queries there.

A WaterMark certified product must be marked with the WaterMark and certificate number and be listed on the WaterMark Product Database. You can search the database by inputting the certificate number, model ID or supplier/manufacturer name.

Please contact your relevant your State and Territory jurisdiction about your NCBP-related query/report as response times will vary.