Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. A list of commercial outlets selling the hard copy NCC is detailed in the NCC section of this website under Commercial Providers.

A Performance Solution, previously referred to as Alternative Solution, is a method of complying with the Performance Requirements other than by a Deemed-to-Satisfy Solution.

Refer to the How it works section for further information.

Yes. However, if the product is listed in the WaterMark Schedule of products but has not been WaterMark certified, it is not authorised for use in a plumbing and drainage installation and may not be accepted by the State or Territory Authority having jurisdiction. In addition, a licensed plumber is not permitted to install these products.

The Public Comment Draft (PCD) is released for a consultation period to seek feedback from stakeholder regarding proposed changes to the NCC.

A Building Solution that relies on evidence of suitability in the form of a CodeMark Certificate of Conformity (CofC) which certifies a product against the Performance Requirements, is a Performance Solution.

The NCC defines a Performance Solution as one that complies with the Performance Requirements by a means other than by a Deemed-to-Satisfy Solution. A Deemed-to-Satisfy Solution is one that satisfies the Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions. Therefore, a Building Solution that relies on a CodeMark CofC that certifies a product against the Performance Requirements cannot be considered as Deemed-to-Satisfy Solution.

It should also be noted that a CodeMark CofC may only relate to a part of a Performance Solution. In these circumstances other evidence of suitability is needed to demonstrate that the relevant Performance Requirements have been met. The relevant provisions of the Governing Requirements in Part A of the NCC will also need to be satisfied.

A Certificate of Conformity is one of several options available for meeting the ‘Evidence of Suitability’ requirements of the BCA.

The obligations on building control authorities to accept a Certificate of Conformity is determined by the relevant State or Territory legislation, policy or directive. You should check with your building control authority to determine if a Certificate of Conformity is an appropriate form of evidence of suitability for the specific product and your project.