Frequently Asked Questions

NCC Tutor is ready-made content provided as 9 individual PowerPoint presentations. You can choose to deliver the content as a presentation, webinar, online training, or through another medium that suits your needs. Because it is licensed the content cannot be altered in any way. NCC Tutor: What's inside? provided further detail about NCC Tutor.

Products formerly listed on the WaterMark Schedule of Excluded Products that are now listed on the WaterMark Schedule of Products and require WaterMark certification, must attain certification within 24 months of 1 August 2017. To achieve WaterMark certification for your product you will need to contact a WaterMark Conformity Assessment Body to undertake the certification process.

For information about formerly exempted products and transition timeframes refer to Notice of Direction 2017/5.0.

Yes. Chat now is a real-time interaction with an operator online to assist you.

Chat now is a real-time function for assisting users with any questions/issues they may have while using the website.

The Chat function is operated from 8am to 8pm AET (Note: during summer AEDT applies).