Frequently Asked Questions

The NCC Performance Requirements can be found:

  • at the start of each Section in NCC Volume One
  • in Section 2 for NCC Volume Two
  • at the start of each Part in NCC Volume Three.

NCC Tutor is ready-made, NCC teaching content provided as individual PowerPoint presentations. You can choose to deliver the content as a presentation, webinar, online training, or through another medium that suits your needs. Because it is licensed the content cannot be altered in any way. NCC Tutor: What's inside? provided further detail about NCC Tutor.

The WaterMark Licence fee, which grants the user the right to use the WaterMark trademark, is $500 + GST per annum per WaterMark Licence.

WaterMark certification of a product can be issued for a maximum term of 5 years.

NCC Tutor is a licensed product is available on request through an online enquiry. Once received, the ABCB provides a Deed Poll Licence outlining the terms under which the NCC Tutor product can be delivered.