Frequently Asked Questions

NCC 2019 was adopted by all States and Territories from 1 May 2019.

Compliance can be achieved through a Performance Solution and/or a Deemed-to-Satisfy (DtS) Solution. A YouTube video has been developed titled ‘NCC: meeting the performance requirements’. Further information can be found in the NCC Performance Requirements Resource Kit.

The classification of buildings and structures can be found in:

The WaterMark Schedule of products lists the products that require certification. The WaterMark Schedule of excluded products lists the products that do not require certification. If you cannot locate the product on either of these lists, the product may require a risk assessment to be undertaken to determine whether or not WaterMark certification is required.

Refer to the How it works section for further information or contact a Conformity Assessment Body.

NCC Tutor is available for free under a licence agreement.

The NCC has three volumes:

  • Volume One contains the requirements for multi-residential, commercial, industrial, public buildings and associated structures.
  • Volume Two contains the requirements for residential buildings, non-habitable buildings and associated structures.
  • Volume Three contains the requirements for plumbing and drainage for all classes of buildings.

View or Download through the NCC Suite.