Frequently Asked Questions

The NCC has three volumes:

  • Volume One contains the requirements for multi-residential, commercial, industrial, public buildings and associated structures.
  • Volume Two contains the requirements for residential buildings, non-habitable buildings and associated structures.
  • Volume Three contains the requirements for plumbing and drainage for all classes of buildings.

The classification of buildings and structures can be found in:

Compliance is achieved by meeting the Performance Requirements. Refer to How it works for more information on the structure of the NCC.

The Performance Requirements can be found:

Alternatively the Performance Requirements for all three volumes can be found in the Consolidated Performance Requirements document downloadable from NCC suite.

Compliance can be achieved through a Performance Solution and/or a Deemed-to-Satisfy (DtS) Solution. A YouTube video has been developed titled ‘NCC: meeting the performance requirements’. Further information can be found in the NCC Performance Requirements Resource Kit.

The How it works section explains how to have a product certified.