Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Products certified under the old Scheme will retain their certification at the commencement of the improved Scheme on 1 August 2017 until issued certification expires.

In Section J of NCC Volume One it outlines what energy efficiency features a building must have. For multi-residential buildings this is based on an energy rating. Further information can be found in the NCC Volume One Energy Efficiency Resource Kit.

Chat now is a real-time function for assisting users with any questions/issues they may have while using the website.

Online registration is available through the NCC Seminar Series 2018 website.

NCC Tutor is a licensed product that is available on request through submitting an online enquiry. Once your request is received, the ABCB provides an Offer to Licence, which outlines the terms under which the NCC Tutor product can be delivered.

Once the classification of the building is determined, the rise in storeys must be calculated under C1.2. Once the classification and rise in storeys is known, these can be applied under table C1.1 to show the type of fire resisting construction required (i.e. type A, B or C). Further information can be found in the NCC Volume One Fire Safety Resource Kit.