Sanitary Facilities Calculator (beta version)

The beta version of the Sanitary Facilities (SF) Calculator is now available for testing. The calculator assists in developing a better understanding when applying the NCC Volume One Part F2 Sanitary and Other Facilities Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) Provisions.

To use the SF Calculator, select the building classification and enter the number of occupants the building is designed for. Based on this information, the calculator provides the required number of sanitary facilities including (where applicable) closet pans, wash basins, urinals, showers and baths.

The calculator will also assist to calculate the required number of accessible unisex sanitary facilities. Enter the number of levels in the building and banks of toilets, and it will provide the required number of accessible unisex sanitary facilities.

An SF Calculator Help Guide is also available for download.

The calculator is a MS Excel file and uses data contained in NCC Volume One for the calculations. This calculator has been created and designed for Excel 2013 for Windows. Compatibility with other versions and operating systems is not guaranteed.

The ABCB welcomes your feedback on the beta testing version of this Calculator until Sunday 14 October 2018.

Sanitary Facilities Calculator

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