WaterMark Consultation

The ABCB is responsible for the review and approval of all existing, new or amended product Specifications for adoption into the WaterMark Scheme. The Scheme Rules provide procedures and requirements for development of a new, or amended Specification. These procedures and requirements include releasing the draft document for public comment. This is to ensure all stakeholders are informed of any proposed Specification development and have the opportunity to provide input prior to finalisation of the document.

Stakeholders are invited to provide comment on any of the draft Specifications open for comment. All comments must be submitted to watermark@abcb.gov.au using the WaterMark Public Comment response sheet provided.

Draft specifications open for Public Comment

Draft specifications currently open for comment are listed below:

Proposed amendments to WaterMark Schedules

The ABCB is seeking public comment on the proposed amendments to the Schedule of products and Schedule of excluded products. These amendments have been developed from recent enquiries received in relation to the WaterMark Certification requirements for rotationally moulded polyethylene cold water storage tanks.

Currently the Schedule of Products identifies prefabricated cold water storage tanks to be evaluated against WMTS-026 Cold water storage tanks. The Scope of this specification sets out the requirements for prefabricated cold water storage tanks constructed from copper, galvanized steel, stainless steel, plastics and dezincification-resistant copper alloy, up to 50,000 litre capacity installed within a cold water system. The current Scope would appear to exclude rotationally moulded tanks, as these tanks are not prefabricated but manufactured as the final product prior to installation on site.

In order to bring clarity around the WaterMark Certification requirements for these types of tanks, the ABCB has proposed a change to both the Schedules of Products and Schedule of Excluded Products, with the nominated specification for evaluation being AS/NZS 4766 Polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals.

The public comment period for these amended Schedules closes on Friday 19 October 2018.

WMTS-101 Appliances (low hazard rating)

A Proposal for Change has been received to amend the Scope of WMTS-101 to remove the specific listing of individual products, thus eliminating the need to amend Scope for every new or innovative product that may require evaluation against this Specification. The products listed within the existing Scope and any new or innovative products will be specified within the WaterMark Schedule of Products.

The public comment period for this Specification closes on Friday 9 November 2018.

WMTS-104 Appliances (miscellaneous)

A Proposal for Change has been received to amend the existing Specification to include pulp disposal macerator appliances. These appliances are used to dispose of single-use pulp containers (such as bedpans, urinals and bowls) containing human waste to the sewer and are not intended to be used in conjunction with a toilet pan or macerator pump.

The public comment period for this Specification closes on Friday 9 November 2018.