Manufacturers and Approved Users

The ABCB does not grant WaterMark licences directly to manufacturers or suppliers seeking to become an Approved User of the WaterMark trade mark. Instead we grant WMCABs the right to enter into a licence agreement with manufacturers and suppliers seeking to use the WaterMark trade mark on certified products. 

Manufacturers and suppliers who are licensed Approved Users of the WaterMark trade mark are detailed on the List of Approved Users. Note: This information has been supplied to use by WMCABs and may not be maintained or updated on a regular basis. 

How to become an Approved User of the WaterMark Trade Mark

Manufacturers or suppliers who want to use the WaterMark trade mark on their product to signify compliance with an approved specification, may do so by entering into an agreement directly with a WMCAB, which contains terms no less onerous than the Approved User Agreement as approved by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. 

For further details on becoming an Approved User, please contact one of the WMCABs.

List of Approved Users

Contains the details of approved users of the WaterMark Trade Mark. Read More

Approved Certifier Agreement

Details the agreement entered into between the WMCAB and the ABCB for the use of the WaterMark. Includes Schedule 3, Approved User Agreement of the use of WaterMarks. Read More