Improved CodeMark Scheme

The ABCB is implementing an improved CodeMark scheme. This is the result of a review of the existing scheme, including extensive consultation with stakeholders between 2012 and 2015.

The improved scheme was launched at the ABCB’s Building Australia’s Future Conference in 2015. Since that time, work has been progressing on its implementation.

Recent changes

New Certificate of Conformity format

One finding of the CodeMark review was the need for the amount and clarity of information provided on Certificates of Conformity to be improved. A new Certificate of Conformity template outlining the information required on a certificate has been developed in consultation with CodeMark Certification Bodies (CBs).

The new format makes it easier for practitioners to determine what parts of the BCA the product has been certified against. It also makes it easier to assess whether the proposed use of the product conforms to what has been certified.

The new template has been issued for use under the current scheme by CodeMark CBs when they issue certificates for new products or amend certificates for existing products.

Updated Register of CodeMark Certified Products

The register has been updated to include the edition of the BCA for which a Certificate of Conformity has been issued.

Future changes

Scheme name

To differentiate the CodeMark schemes that will operate in Australia and New Zealand, the Australian scheme will be called “CodeMark Australia”. A new scheme logo with this name will be included in the new Certification Trade Mark rules.

Implementation timeframes for the improved scheme

The implementation timeframes are dependent on the time taken to gain approval for the Certification Trade Mark rules. Transitional arrangements are being developed in consultation with affected stakeholders.

Some of the administrative arrangements of the improved scheme are now developed. The final implementation of the improved scheme including any transitional arrangements will occur from July 2017 to the end of 2017.