How it Works

CodeMark framework

The ABCB and New Zealand's Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment manage the CodeMark schemes in their respective countries. This includes the development of scheme rules that set out the requirements for the evaluation and certification of products under the CodeMark scheme.

Only accredited certification bodies can issue CodeMark Certificates of Conformity. These companies are responsible for evaluating products and issuing certificates where they comply with the BCA.

Certification bodies are assessed and accredited by JAS-ANZ, who works on behalf of the CodeMark scheme operators to maintain product certification standards.

Relevant legislation requires building control authorities to accept CodeMark Certificates of Conformity as evidence of compliance with the BCA, as long as the product is used as specified on the certificate. 

How to get a product CodeMark certified

JAS-ANZ accredited CodeMark certification bodies are the only organisations that can assess a building product for CodeMark certification. Contact them directly to find out what information they need and advice on the time and cost involved in your application. The overall cost of gaining CodeMark certification will depend on a number of factors, including the quality of supporting evidence you submit about your product compliance. All fees for gaining CodeMark certification are a commercial arrangement between you and the certification body.

The information they need may include a clear scope of use for the product and which provisions of the BCA the certification is to cover, along with technical information, product test results, independent assessments or appraisals.

You should provide the certification body with evidence of how you believe your product complies with the BCA and how your manufacturing systems will continue to produce compliant products.

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