Stage two of the Holistic Review of Fire Safety

Tuesday, 3 October 2017 Image of fire hose reel

To build on and complement the package of fire safety measures for NCC 2016 Volume One Amendment 1, a number of related pieces of work are being undertaken.

One of these is a Holistic Review of Fire Safety that will cover all commercial, industrial, residential and public buildings in NCC Volume One. The Holistic Review of Fire Safety Project is being progressed in two stages.

Stage one | Class 2 and 3 buildings

Stage one of the Holistic Review was undertaken in 2016/17. It considered the current levels of fire life safety provided in multi-storey residential (Class 2 and 3) buildings, as well as other contemporary regulatory matters that could affect fire safety in these buildings.

It found the current level of fire safety in the NCC for Class 2 and 3 buildings is adequate. However, some improvements are proposed for NCC 2019. Other changes related to fire safety are proposed for NCC 2019. This is due to the outcomes of several sub-projects focused on reducing unnecessary and redundant regulation. For more information read our recent ABCB Connect article.

Stage two | Class 4 – 9 buildings

Without compromising safety, the primary purpose of Stage two is to investigate whether current fire safety levels provided by the NCC for Class 4 - 9 buildings is adequate, while ensuring the requirements are no more burdensome than necessary.

The NCC fire safety requirements are covered in numerous sections of NCC Volume One, including:

  • Section A General Provisions;
  • Section C Fire Resistance;
  • Section D Access and Egress;
  • Section E Services and Equipment;
  • Section G Ancillary Provisions; and
  • Section H Special Use Buildings

In relation to the NCC fire safety requirements, Stage two is all-inclusive and is considering:

  • Performance Requirements;
  • Verification Methods;
  • DTS Provisions; and
  • referenced documents, such as Australian Standards.

Stage two scopes the need for and nature of any work required for the NCC fire safety requirements for Class 4 – 9 buildings. To achieve this, three broad topics are being considered:

  1. Technical issues;
  2. Common Performance Solutions; and
  3. Regulatory redundancy.

Online Survey

We’re seeking your feedback through an online survey. Help us gather information to determine the nature of any changes required for this stage of the NCC review. Relevant industry stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the survey. It is anticipated to take 10 to 15 minutes to complete, depending on the detail provided in your response.

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This survey closed on 29 October 2017.

We appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey and thank you for your feedback.