Improved WaterMark Product Database!

Wednesday, 12 April 2017 WaterMark logo

The improved WaterMark Product Database has been launched...

The improved database was developed following feedback from stakeholders and a subsequent decision by the Building Ministers' Forum at its 31 July 2015 meeting to improve the functionality and search functions of the existing database.

The new database has an improved look and functionality to enable better searching and filtering for WaterMark certificates and products.

Key features

Features include:

  • a synonym pop-up library when entering text into search fields;
  • the capacity to produce a Licence Summary; and
  • additional information in search results such as WELS ratings and Scope of Use of products.

Support material

To support use of the database, a YouTube clip, Using the Product Database, has been developed. The clip provides an overview of how to search for certificates or products, download key information and what to do if you can’t find a plumbing material or product.

Don't forget to update your 'favourites' for direct database access.

Access the improved WaterMark Product Database today.