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Friday, 4 November 2016 image of student studying with ncc course portal

Introducing the NCC Course Portal...

What is it?

The NCC Course Portal  is your “go to” list of courses based on NCC 2016 or with just a component of NCC 2016 content. The portal is presented as a filterable table with courses able to be sorted by:

  • Topic
  • Course title
  • Institution type
  • Institution name or
  • Location (by State/Territory).

The Course title and Institution name are also hyperlinked to more information direct from the provider.

Which courses are listed?

Courses listed on the site are delivered by Australian Universities, TAFES and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). They have demonstrated that the course content is either based on current ABCB training materials (i.e. NCC Tutor or Resource Kits) or that it is based on NCC 2016.

Continuously updated as new courses become available or as others are no longer delivered, NCC Course Portal will become your one-stop shop.

Want to list a course?

Education Institutions are invited to Contact us for further information or to list a course on the portal.

Want to access the NCC Course Portal?

View the NCC Course Portal now.