The availability of the NCC free online has resulted in a larger and broader cross section of practitioners and other users accessing the NCC.  While the current format may be appropriate for the traditional practitioner base, a revised and more ‘user friendly’ NCC, accessible to a broader audience, is needed in the future.

Under The Next Instalment of Building Regulatory Reform, an initiative to improve readability will be one of the more significant undertakings by the ABCB and is central to being able to improve practitioner understanding and therefore competency of the NCC. It will involve the re-packaging of the NCC to simplify its use and therefore make it more accessible to the wider audience that are exposed to the NCC as a result of making it available free online.

The initiative specifically relates to NCC language and to a lesser extent, the NCC format. The development of possible changes is intended for inclusion in the NCC 2019 Public Comment Draft. NCC structure changes are not considered in this initiative. Improvements are also being made to the digital delivery of the Code.

The Next Instalment of Building Regulation Reform

Outlines the benefits of providing free online access to the NCC and other reform measures for consideration by Governments. Read More